Styx's magical abilities are powered by the Amber Elixir. Through 6 skill trees, harness Styx's stealthy prowess to subvert, kill, distract, and seamlessly slip by the guards in the Tower of Akenash. Also at your disposal is a tree dedicated to Styx's equipment – from daggers to alchemy.


The stealth tree is dedicated to the infiltration aspect of the game. By spending experience in this tree you'll become the most discreet goblin in the world.

Skill 1 (Sixth sense): Styx'll get heart palpitations when an enemy gets too close. Useful if you haven't see him! Skill 2 (Retrieving): Styx'll retrieve half the amber he has burnt to become invisible. Skill 3 (Invisible statue): If Styx doesn't move once invisible, he'll stay invisible in yonks! Skill 4 (Silent invisibility): Styx can run like mad once he's invisible and no one will hear him!


Agility defines Styx’s ability to move, act, and attack undetected. These skills are designed to supplement player offensive and defensive actions.

Skill 1 (Discrete fall): Not a sound! Styx'll be more discreet when he gets back on the ground. Skill 2 (Roll): It'll help Styx dodge the unconscious who attack him! Skill 3 (Assured counter): Styx's parades will be better this way, believe me. Skill 4 (Corzash's eye): Styx can target and throw his projectiles from twice the distance! Coward!


No Goblin, no matter how crafty, should go it alone; even Styx needs a little help from a friend. Your clone is able to distract guards in the world however you want, and even holds some offensive abilities.

Skill 1 (Diversion): Styx's wretched clone will be able to jump on the back of a target to distract him for a while. Skill 2 (Trap): Clones can trap a hideout and murders anyone who comes nearby, all by himself like a good boy! Skill 3 (Smoke cloud): Clones's smoke bombs will be twice as large. Skill 4 (Invisible clone): The clone can become invisible without spending any amber but watch out, it works only once by clone.


Ah, the Amber – Styx’s addiction. Harnessing this powerful elixir, Styx is able to manipulate its magical properties to boost his perception, vision, and awareness.

Skill 1 (Loot perception): Styx has a better perception and will be able to detect the object to loot. Skill 2 (Extended vision): The amber vision lasts as twice longer. Skill 3 (Hostile looks): Styx'll be able to see his target's orientation with the amber vision. Skill 4 (Reconnaissance): The amber vision is twice as large so Styx can do a long distance reconnaissance.


Armed with an array of tools, Styx can call upon his equipment to plants traps for enemies, or thrust knives into their skulls from a distance. He’ll also be able to carry limited Amber refills.

Skill 1 (Knives holder): Styx'll be able to carry one more throwing knife. Lucky you! Skill 2 (Pouch of health phials): Styx'll be able to carry one more health phial. Greedy! Skill 3 (Manufacture of acid): Styx'll have acid phials available in his hideout. This way he can conceal the bodies. Quite useful! Skill 4 (Bag of amber phials): Styx'll be able to carry one more amber phial. Junkie!


As deadly as he is small, Styx has an array of subtle yet powerful assassination techniques to clear the surrounding area. Stylish, but quiet.

Skill 1 (Murder while hanging): Styx can kill an enemy while hanging from an edge. Skill 2 (Murder under cover): Styx'll be able to kill an enemy when he is under cover. Skill 3 (Murderous drive): Murder leads to murder. On the ground Styx can assassinate an enemy from a longer distance. He really has no morals! Skill 4 (Aerial Murder): Styx can kill an enemy by jumping on him from high enough.